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How to Organize Lit Review Notes

A good way to organize notes for oodles of articles is to put them into a matrix or table. That way, you can synthesize themes across the board. Although I … Continue reading

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Shifting the Focus to People

This month’s issue of Principal features this article, which I co-authored with Ann Allwarden (a practicing school principal) and Jeff Wayman (an expert in educational data use, data systems, and a long-time … Continue reading

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Listen to Hidden Brain!

Here is my new favorite podcast. It’s by a familiar voice on NPR, Shankar Vedantam. This particular episode has lots of neat tidbits on how to give and receive feedback, … Continue reading

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I just recovered an UNSAVED Word doc from the ether and am amazed

So I was writing something in Word and thought I didn’t need to save “Document1” because I’d be copying and pasting it. It turns out I screwed up my Control+C and … Continue reading

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7 Tips on Good Writing, Informed by Linguist Steven Pinker

These tips on writing are golden, AND informed by the science of language. The points come across better if you listen to the full radio story; treat the write up … Continue reading

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My Tips on Procrastination

Procrastination is the siren’s call of academia. We know we need to get writing; our livelihoods depend upon it. But then we walk down the hall to look for snacks or … Continue reading

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This American Life archive tag: Education

As a regular listener to This American Life, I often hear stories and wish that my graduate students would hear them to. And then, duh, it occurred to me that … Continue reading

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