Data Use, Technology, and Educational Leadership

Yeah, but is Twitter actually professional development?

There’s a lot of hype around Twitter and PLNs. But is the learning real? Does it make a difference in how we do our jobs? The Journal of Educational Administration has … Continue reading

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Might technologies improve school discipline?

Here’s a story from a Boston radio station about an elementary school with a large number of suspensions. This is a turnaround school, with management of the school outsourced to UP … Continue reading

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Interviews: How to Handle Tricky Questions

Excellent tips on the academic job interviews here: “It’s amazing how many people struggle to give sensible answers” Source: Interviews: How to Handle Tricky Questions

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#Edtech that personalizes based upon students’ feelings

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we might expand what we call “data”  in schools to encompass more than just test scores. This EdWeek article describes a novel, technological … Continue reading

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New Lessons on Leading for Districts for #EdTech and #EdData Use

In today’s mail: the December issue of Journal of School Leadership, which features my recent article, Assumptions, Strategies, and Organization: Central Office Implementation of Computer Data Systems. It tells the stories of … Continue reading

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Listen to Hidden Brain!

Here is my new favorite podcast. It’s by a familiar voice on NPR, Shankar Vedantam. This particular episode has lots of neat tidbits on how to give and receive feedback, … Continue reading

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I just recovered an UNSAVED Word doc from the ether and am amazed

So I was writing something in Word and thought I didn’t need to save “Document1” because I’d be copying and pasting it. It turns out I screwed up my Control+C and … Continue reading

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