Data Use, Technology, and Educational Leadership

Are Leaders Prepared to “Pass the Test” on Data Use?

I don’t think any other state is doing this yet. Massachusetts is requiring that aspiring school leaders demonstrate their skills at using data for decision making as a part of their certification process. This raises the bar not only on administrators, but also those of us who prepare them for leadership roles. 

This is a part of an overall initiative to have aspiring school leaders show off their stuff in performance assessments— tasks based in real world problems and situations– before getting certified. Task 1 (below) is the most data use heavy portion of the assessments; in theory, it’ll provide the groundwork for the subsequent Tasks. The assessments are in the field test stage this year, and MA is actually looking for scorers for the tests, in case anyone is looking for some extra dough.

Leadership through a Vision for School Improvement

Focusing on the two pillars of highly effective schools—the instructional program (curriculum, instruction and assessment) and school culture, a candidate will develop a school vision and improvement plan for one school-based priority area. The candidate will collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data on student performance, student and teacher relationships and school culture, select a priority area for focus, document existing school programs, services and practices, and develop a set of goals, objectives and action strategies with input from school leaders and key stakeholder groups.


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