Data Use, Technology, and Educational Leadership

Leadership in Educational Technologies and Data with Vinny Cho

I had a nice chat with the folks at Gradeable and this is what they said about me.

Higher Order Teaching

via @profvinnycho via @profvinnycho

Professor Vinny Cho studies leadership practices and technologies that support data use in education. As an assistant professor at Boston College, his aim is to help educators make the most out of their information on students.

Since Gradeable’s aim is to make information on student learning more accessible and useful for educators, I interviewed Dr. Cho for his thoughts on how data is shaping education, and how it starts with communication from the top down.

Looking at the “whole kid”

Schools are starting to collect more emotional data on students (how they feel about school, if they feel safe, what they aspire to be) to try to draw connections/predictions in conjunction with standard data points like state test scores and attendance.

Also, as data collection and analysis gets more sophisticated, Cho is starting to see more proactive analysis. For example, if you know a student was out the…

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