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My favorite baby app

baby esp

My second child, Henry, was born just a little over two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve tinkered with just about every baby app there is (FeedBaby, iBaby, Web MD Baby, Similac…). Here were the drawbacks with many of these apps: unwieldy layout, garish design, or “if it does the thing I want, I can’t figure out how” (e.g., sync across devices; help me predict if a nap, feeding, or wake is coming up; let us see how long it’s been since the last “whatever”). 

In the hopes of saving some other poor soul some time, Baby ESP has been the hands-down winner. It does all the stuff we want (see above). At this point, I ought to explain the value of these particular functions and “data.” Meh. Let’s just say we are two very busy, sleep-deprived parents who are constantly handing kids back and forth. It’s nice to make sure the one that can’t talk yet doesn’t starve or dehydrate, and is relatively clean or rested. It’s nice to head off kiddy melt-downs whenever possible. It’s nice to answer questions from the spouse or pediatrician with something better than, “I have no clue” if the kid is starving, dehydrated,  medicated, been awake too long, or whatever.

And there’s an unexpected neato function: a “nighttime” setting that puts the screen into shades of red instead of the usual super bright white. My wife thinks it’s creepy, but I think it takes some of the edge off of waking in the deep dark of newborn care night.


One comment on “My favorite baby app

  1. Anna Nolin
    January 7, 2014

    I’m feeling for you, man, and remembering those days without fondness. If an ap helps, yahoo. The kid turning 5 helps. 😉

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