Data Use, Technology, and Educational Leadership

EdResearcher Seeks Archdiocese

Flickr: JapanDave

Flickr: JapanDave

A lot of the research out there about data use has focused on public schools. Until now, researchers haven’t paid much attention to what data and computerized information systems mean for Catholic schools. That doesn’t mean, however, that these schools aren’t beginning to invest in new assessments or technologies. Without research on these issues, there’s a gap in knowledge regarding how best to support data use in Catholic schools. I’m hoping to change that through a study I’ll be launching this fall.

As many Catholic educators will tell you, working in a Catholic school means serving not only the academic needs, but also the non-academic (social or spiritual) needs of children. In comparison to public schools, it means working under different a different set of dynamics involving funding, school choice, and oversight. On a practical level, my hope is that this study will help Catholic school leaders as they work to support the effective use of data and computer data system. More broadly, I’m hoping this study will help open up conversations across sectors regarding what it means to serve the “whole kid” and what kinds of data support that work.

Know anyone who might be interested in participating? I don’t just plan on collecting data; I also plan on sharing early feedback about what I’m learning to the schools and archdiocese I work with. Interested parties can  find a basic study overview is available here.


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