Data Use, Technology, and Educational Leadership

Diane Ravitch Doesn’t Understand EdTech Entrepreneurism

Love this. There’s so much more to think about here! Something that has been on my mind: Technologies, especially those for student data, become the windows through which teachers see (or fail to see) about students. On a milder level, that’s probably something that old school text books and teacher guides did. But technologies (and accountability) have changed the conditions around that process. So, edtech isn’t to blame. Instead, we need to look around at ourselves (school leaders and community members). Are we having meaningful conversations about what teaching and learning really mean? Do we make sure that our technologies and practices reflect those values?

disrupt learning!

part of the solutionI really try my best not to read what Diane Ravitch writes. I usually disagree with her and I find her to be quite inflammatory, and not in a good way.

But this time I feel like I really need to speak up.

Ravitch wrote a piece for Scientific American that appears in the July 31, 2013 edition, which is already available on the website. In the article, entitled “3 Dubious Uses of Technology in Schools,” she criticizes three major developments in ed tech: online virtual schools, automatic grading of essays and the storage of student personal data in the cloud.

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