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BBC invite to hear Joi Ito at MIT Media Lab

Are you interested in what the internet means for democracy and for society at large? If you’re in the Boston/Cambridge area, you have a chance to here what promises to be an exciting talk.

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I just got an email from BBC World Service. They are recording a live interview with Joi Ito at the MIT Media Lab. It looks like they’d like to get an audience who is similarly interested in thinking deeply about what the internet and other technologies really mean to society, especially to democracy. I think it’s Sherry Turkle (also at MIT) who says something like even though many of the people we run into nowadays can’t remember a time when there was no internet, we are still in our infancy when it comes to figuring out what these kinds of technologies will mean to who we are as people and as a society.

One of the favorite things I see in my own research regarding school administrators who use Twitter is their fervent dedication to exchanging ideas, self-improvement, and making public intellectual contributions to conversations about school.

Here’s the official invite; info on getting tickets is also below.

Joi Ito is one of the great pioneers of openness on the internet. He claims it will be “the pillar of democracy for the 21st Century”. But with Egypt’s so-called Facebook revolution in jeopardy and world-wide anxieties that the web is being used by governments to spy on their citizens, is this optimism misplaced? In a special live BBC World Service programme from Boston, Razia Iqbal introduces Joi Ito to listeners world-wide and an audience at MIT’s Media Lab in Boston, USA.


Join them at MIT Media Lab 12:40pm on Thursday March 14th for What If…We Could All Talk to Joi Ito? Tickets are FREE and released on a first-come first-served basis.

The event finishes at 2pm.


Email here for tickets and please specify number:


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