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iPads, NPR-Austin, and me

2461198_300I recently had the pleasure of speaking with a reporter from NPR-Austin (KUT News) 1:1 iPad initiatives. The Eanes district, which I got to know while I was a doctoral student, is leading the way in the state in this regard. My overall sentiment (besides confidence in the Eanes leadership team) is that we all need to remember that educators are the real agents of change (and of improvement) in schools, and that buying new technologies is only a first step. At first glance, that parallels with Dr. Welman’s suggestion that an iPad is “just a tool.” I’d tweak her statement, however, to underline how important it will be to support educators in understanding (and practice leveraging) the tool’s potential. My hunch is that most districts (Eanes and a few others may be an exception) haven’t given enough forethought to how to do this well.

Here’s the story’s write up.

By next year, we’ll know a lot more about these issues. My doctoral students at Boston College are in the early phases of designing dissertations around 1:1 technology initiatives. Here is also a plug for the researchers at CASTLE, who have been studying 1:1 initiatives, including an international 1:1 study.


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