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Students, lettuce be thankful this summer

What a great Friday. Work was pleasantly interrupted by an email from resident BC science education genius Mike Barnett. He was divesting the science education lab greenhouse of its hydroponically grown lettuce and other goodies. This is a pic of the lettuce I just scored. 

Better than this is what I learned about BC’s College Bound program. Students connected to this science education lab don’t just grow a bunch of stuff (peas, beans, bok choy, kale, berries, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) They also develop business plans by visiting farmer’s markets and talking to people and observing going rates for items. They think about what it means to be able to sell a tomato in January rather than August. They develop multimedia ways to promote their work and some of their experiences even include connections to GIS technologies.

Our summer program is called College Bound – SjTEM (Social justice for Talented Emerging Minds). Here’s a story on Catherine Wong, who heads our urban outreach initiatives. Students are 9-12 graders, ranging from a variety of Boston neighborhoods.

Thanks, Mike and Catherine!


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