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Two Haiku on Classroom Computer Failure

At social network analysis (SNA) camp last week we saw a few classroom computer “failures.” They Imageweren’t typical or frequent, but invariably a data file would be missing or a Mac (such as those running Wine) wouldn’t crunch something. The experience also sent me back to my teacher days using technology in the classroom. It also reminded me of what too many teachers go through when being trained on data systems. This can be a big loss for districts and data use — “you only have one chance to make a first impression.”

The sequence was the same: one person has trouble, then many have trouble, then everyone starts talking to the person next to them, then the teacher/TAs run around the room trying to make things work… one by one. The noise of all this (even when it’s polite and low-grade) has always gotten to me like nails on a blackboard– there’s got to be a better way. If you know them, please share some recs as comments!

In a Twitter exchange, my nephew and I exchanged haiku about the experience. Here’s mine:

Entropic murmurs.

Teacher’s voice goes ignored.

Computers frozen.

Here’s his:

Computers are down,

Entropy brings hushed ramblings.

Shut up disciples!


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