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Dissertation tips and the Odysseus model

This top 10 list of dissertation writing tips comes from Jeffrey S. Brooks. My favorites are the ones about synergy among dissertation parts — something even tougher to do with a big study, no sleep, and too much coffee — and knowing yourself as a writer. On the latter, I’ve found that I get more quantity in the morning (but that quality is spottier). I also procrastinate less when I work at my stand up desk. Setting a timer for short bursts of work, as with the Pomodoro Method, has also been helpful. I was deep into dissertation crunch time, I made like Odysseus facing down the sirens and bound myself to the mast of my ship. In this case, I sat at my desk without responding to Facebook, handing off password control to my wife. She was the only one who could log me in, and we limited that to certain days and times. I think psychologists have a term of this approach to behavior mod.

Any tips from readers?


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