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It’s like Googling yourself, but more scholarly

Last night I Googled a scholar I’d met a conference. It turns out that she has a fairly common name, but that someone else had filled the first page of results. This other person had been a Playboy Bunny. I’m not expert on managing online presence (yet), but I do know that it’s good to be found when people want to find you. I also know that it can be handy during job application or promotion time to have some data about how you’re doing.
Something that might help is to set up a personalized profile on Google Scholar Citations.

Many of us know that Google Scholar is one way to access publications. One of the neat things about it is that it has a metric for how much a certain publication has been cited. By setting up a personalized profile in Google Scholar, however, you and your work are more easily found. Plus, by associating your publications to your profile, you’re able to quickly see which of your works tends to get cited, how often, and by who. You also get output on these sorts of things over time, including various indexes of your “influence” over time. That could be really handy during tenure/promotion or when job hunting (even for grad students).

The feature that I just learned about is the alert feature. While seeing yourself cited is certainly an ego boost, I’m envisioning that this might also be another way to get a sense of other publications in my general area by seeing who is newly citing me. The Google Scholar Citations Blog has more info on all the features.

I’ve listed one of my general research areas as Educational Leadership. Clicking on that, I see it’s a pretty small crowd of us on board, but I hope more of us do set profiles up. It was neat to see some of this info for familiar faces and colleagues. Anyone have opinions about Google Scholar Citations or other citation databases (e.g., Social Science Citation Index)?


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